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EFS Inspection Service

Invest In Your Home With Knowledge                    Phone 815-557-5543

Pricing Information

The inspection fees may vary slightly depending on the size of the house.

  • A full inspection of a house up to 2400 square foot, the fee is $375.00. Add $10.00 for every additional 100 square foot. Houses with a Crawlspace add $50.00 to fees, If the house is built on a slab $50.00 will be reduced from the fees.
  • A typical two bedroom townhome the fee is $325.00
  • Manufactured home in a park or Trailer the fee is $250.00
  • The Re-inspection of Previously inspected item by me are free, if needed.
  • New Construction: Final walk through: includes pictures and all testing of new equipment and all electrical outlets - $ 250.00
  • A Complete start to finish New Construction Inspection: $750.00

  1. Inspection of footing and foundation as well as pictures
  2. Rough Framing inspection including pictures
  3. Rough electrical inspection including pictures
  4. Rough plumbing inspection including pictures
  5. Predrywall walk-thru with customer and project quality control person, including pictures
  6. Final walk-thru with customer and quality control person including pictures and testing of all new equipment and electrical outletsThis fee includes one FREE REINSPECTIONS for one year builders warranty.

  • Small projects,ie; decks, Roofs, Garages the fee is $75.00.
  • Roof and Attic Inspections Fee $125.00
  • NEW Home Energy Inspection- Report Generated by the Department of Energy fee- $50.00.

Please call Eric at 815-557-5543 for additional information.

Phone: 815-557-5543

[email protected]

Inspections by appointment

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